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36p. 2016   




«Retratos & transfigurações»


72p. 2015


Introdution by Ami Vitale

«My journey has taken me to places of civil unrest and also of surreal beauty. It has allowed me to witness and experience extreme poverty, destruction of life and unspeakable violence. It has also shown me that there is always joy and stories of extraordinary acts of kindness, even in the saddest places. Perhaps now, more than ever, there is a need to get beyond the stereotypes and see past headlines to try to get a truer sense of who we all are. Antero, I see your images and they remind me how important it is to highlight our surprising and subtle similarities more than just the obvious differences between all of our cultures.»

Retratos & transfigurações


«Mil vidas tem S. Gonçalo»

{ St. Gonçalo has got a thousand lives }

«Les mille vies de Saint Gonçalo»


60p. 2014

Mil vidas tem S. Gonçalo



«EUROPA — fuck you!»


24p. 2014

EUROPA - fuck you!


«a reserva de Mallarmé»


48p. 2013

a reserva de Mallarmé


«Corresponderá exactamente a cada nível do pensamento uma classe social?»

Visual poems

86p. 1999

O Século C.N.A.


«memória de hibakusha e outros poemas»

Visual poems

28p. 1986

memória de hibakusha e outros poemas