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In my homeland there is a very important man.
Anyway, in all the other lands
there are very important men,
but this one is really very important.

And important as he is
half of the town is with him
and everyone knows that enormous houses are built
with distant windows, and fireplaces,
and walls made of concrete.

And important as he is, people say he has
machines that climb up
raising buildings up to the sky.

One of these days
the important man of my homeland returned
and with him half of the longing town,
and with this wealth on everyone's return
it came also one of those machines also
so important
that look like a public monument.
And those who had never seen it
when passing by had to raise their heads up
higher than their will so that they could admire
all the power
of that immense machine.
And on that crane we could see
All the importance of the man of my homeland,
because it had the mystery
of all Its greatness...